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Short stories Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Response Essays

Response to: Foul Shots In Foul Shots, Rogelio R. Gomez writes about his Chicano background and the neighborhood he grew up in. Furthermore, he describes himself being stereotyped as one of the “barrio boys” basically meaning that he is considered inferior to the Anglos. In high school, the writer states that he was on a basketball team and that there was one day when his coach announced that his team was to “buddy up” with the opposite team. The opposite team was all White and therefore had a big conflict with the “barrio boys” due to racism. One of the Anglos threw a bag of Fritos to the “barrio boys” as an insult because of the “Frito Bandito” commercial which…

Similarties and Differences

Every day in real life we go through a many struggles ranging from man vs. man, man vs. himself and even man vs. nature. The most common struggle we all face is that of man versus man. In the short stories “Cathedral” by Raymond Carter and Ernest Hemmingway’s “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” the main principal of the story is that of man versus man. In both short stories 3 characters are used, but in each story each character is completely different than the other. “Cathedral” and “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” share similarities and differences with the main principal of man versus man and the reasoning behind why one man is against the other. Both stories also share similarities and differences…