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Shopping Assistance Using an Android Phone Essay

1. Proposed Thesis Title
“Shopping Assistance using an Android Phone”

2. Area of Investigation
The proposed system will focus on assisting the customers of a shopping store. Before using the system, products should be registered in the database. The information that will be saved in the database includes the barcode id, the product name and its price. The users should download and install the Shopping Assistance application on their android phone before they can get the information from the server. Their mobile phone will serve as a barcode scanner. The customers will scan the bar code of the products they wish to purchase. The application will display the name and the price of the scanned products. The customers can specify the quantity of each product. The proposed system will display the total cost of the scanned products.

3.0 Reasons for Choice of Subject
The proponent has noticed that some of the shoppers manually list the prices of the products that they want to buy. Sometimes, manual computation can lead to miscalculations. The proponent also noticed that some of the shoppers don’t monitor the total price of the products they wish to purchase. This can result in overspending. By using the proposed system, they can easily monitor the cost of all the products that they want to buy.

4.0 Importance of the Study
The significance of the study is the use of the modern technology and automating the shopping experience of the customers by using an android mobile phone. For the customers, it will be easy for them to monitor their shopping expenses because they don’t need to list/log those items and the price that they want to buy. The system itself will compute for the total costs of products that have been scanned and added. For the owner of the store, the use of the system can attract more customers, hence, earning more profit.

5.0 Target Users/Beneficiaries
The target users and beneficiaries of this study are the owners and customers of small to medium sized stores.

6.0 Similarity with any Previous Study/Project
The proposed study is similar to the barcode scanners used by SM Supermarkets that are located at every aisle of their store.

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