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Shock Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Culture Shock & Insatiable Emptiness

Culture is one aspect of a person’s individuality that is deeply entrenched in him after years of socialization and learning the ways, beliefs, thoughts and world view of one society or any group of people. When one is uprooted from the familiarity of the culture that he has internalized, the consequence involves disorientation, anxiety, and other host of psychological and even physiological imbalance. Such is the experience described by Evelyn Lau in her essay Insatiable Emptiness. In her vivid and poetic descriptions, she tells how she violently coped with the changes that were occurring within her adolescent body and how her negative response to these changes affected the stability of her health for eight years. The case of Lau’s maladjustment…

Culture Shock

Studying, working or living abroad can be a wonderful experience. However, this can also be an awful time in one’s life with some people finding a lot of discomfort in adapting to a new society. This impact of moving from a familiar culture to one which is unfamiliar is referred to as culture shock. It includes the different feelings and apprehension people have when learning the ways of a different society. This paper looks at this “occupational disease” as is commonly known. The term ‘culture shock’ was first used by the anthropologist Oberg back in 1960. According to Oberg, there are six main aspects of culture shock. The first is strain, an effect caused by the effort to adapt. Another…