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Sharks Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Feeding Habits of the Grey Nurse Sharks and Cone Snails

The Grey Nurse Sharks and Cone Snails are two distinct creatures that live in water. They may have the same habitat but the two organisms have different ways on how to nourish their respective systems. For the grey nurse sharks, they are considered as huge slow-moving migratory sharks who like to swim in warm-temperate waters. They are usually found in “shallow and sandy waters near the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.” Even though this type of sharks prefer to do things alone, it has been observed that they prefer to do cooperative feeding with a small group of sharks by “congregating or nursing their prey into a compact school first before feeding together”(McGrouther, 2007). In the food chain, the grey…

Population Linkages of White Sharks

Our marine environment is yet to be explored. Human knowledge about the sea and the ocean is only very little as compared to their knowledge on the universe. A lot of creatures, both small and big, still need to be investigated and discovered. Many animals is found in the ocean, some are friendly and some are not, some needs more research while others do not as it is already established. The great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, is one of the most misunderstood among the many marine vertebrates. Information on this animal is scarce as research on this organisms is only limited. The great white shark is often feared by many people including researches as it is one of the most…