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Shame Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Redemption in Kite Runner

Guilt can drive people to the ground. It can ruin ones life from top to bottom. Some people spend their whole life being guilty and they lose sight of what is really important in life. They spend way too much time trying to redeem themselves and it is in their conscious forever. In the case of Amir, he spends his entire childhood and midlife trying to redeem himself. He feels guilty for many reasons and all of his struggles in the novel are because of his feelings of guilt. Guilt and redemption are what drive this novel. Guilt starts for Amir at the very beginning of his life. When he Amir is born, his mother, the love of Baba’s life,…

Imaginary Friend

I hope this letter could make up for the past years, because ever since you’ve came back to my life I feel completed , because you have been the only one that I could tell my little dirty secret and not feel the urge to feel ashamed because you would never in a million years judge me , you were my only true friend that knew who I truly was, and have never ratted me out that why I have love you more than anything in this world for this long. Nevertheless, this past few days it feels like part of you haven’t forgiving me yet for the ways I treated you back then when I was still a little…