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Sexual harassment Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ms Darcy vs Big Car Company

In the case of Ms. Darcy vs. Big Car Company, I agree with the judge’s decision. Ms. Darcy did prove that Clarence was in fact her supervisor; Mr. Clarence’s behavior did constitute as sexual harassment towards Ms. Darcy, and was put into a hostile work environment while around Mr. Clarence, his supervisors, and the treatment after making a complaint to HR. As a juror, I would find that Clarence was a supervisor. That his actions were sexual harassment, and there was a hostile work environment. Clarence did have the authority to assign team members to tasks and monitored their activity. He was able to get whomever he wanted to work on his team, if he requested them. There is also…

Sexual Harassment: Review of Contemporary Literature on Sexual Harassment

The Women’s National Law Center defines sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination which includes unwelcome advances, propositions involving sexual favors and verbal or physical conduct of sexual behavior or innuendo. It is very significant that the term is very clearly and broadly qualified to include the slightest of misconduct with such nature. Recall that for the longest time sexual harassment has been taken to mean only grave sexual advances and such a definition as put forth by the Women’s National Law Center is really helpful in protecting the preys of such acts. To drive the point, they also remember to mention that sexual harassment need not necessarily involve physical contact. A thorough study on the matter is quite…

Hostile Work Environment

The process of defining a hostile work environment involves numerous criteria. Such include, but not limited to, sexual harassment, discriminative employment practices, discriminative employee promotion practices, and ethnically tailored employee socialization behavior in an organization (Federal Communications Commission, 2008). According to the laws and regulations provided for in the numerous employment Acts, all employees are equal. Such has the implication that only skills and academic qualification must lay the basis of employment, rather than sexual orientation. Therefore sexual harassment practices, which is evidently common in the employment sector, remains an ethical issue as it promotes the concept of inequality between men and women in the community (DeLorenzo, 1998). This essay seeks to discuss three criteria that must be met in…