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Sex education Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Importance of Sex Education

As younger generations mature into teens, they will be exposed to all sorts of materials in their daily lives. Sex education is of great importance when it comes to teenagers. This is because as individuals grow into teenagers, they observe changes to their bodies particularly in their sex organs and also their hormones. With the raging hormones present in their bodies and unnecessary exposure to materials from the TV and now the internet, teenagers will be curious and would definitely want to experiment on the new things that they discover. This is why sexual education is important. Most teens are immature and curious individuals who lack self-control. This explains the high number of teenage pregnancies. When it comes to teen…

Sexual Education in Public Schools

Should sexual education be taught in public schools? There have been several debates over this topic. The media has sensationalized sex and desensitized our youth from the consequences that can occur from engaging in sexual activity. Gossip such as ‘who had sex with who over the weekend or at the latest party’ are the current norm in high schools, middle schools, and in some cases, even elementary schools. With the rise of sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that more adolescents are becoming sexually active, sexual education is imperative and the issue needs to be properly addressed and not ignored. Adolescents not only need to make decisions regarding their sexuality but also need to be aware of the repercussions that…