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Service Learning Essay Essay

Service Learning is an opportunity that only few fortunate students are able to participate in. I am very thankful that I have taken advantage of this opportunity. This whole experience has opened my eyes in many ways. It seems that every day in Mrs. Pickett’s 1st grade class is a whole new day.

On the first day at my job site at Lexington Elementary School I was somewhat nervous, but after I met Mrs. Pickett the nervousness completely disappeared. I learned that things aren’t always as bad as people make them out to be, one should always learn for themselves. I was also nervous about the children, whether or not they were going to like me, and what I was suppose to say to them. After the students greeted me with hugs I knew this was going to be a really fun experience. I never thought I would enjoy teaching or working with children, but after interacting with them I have made a 180 on my way of thinking.

I also have learned that teaching is not a breeze by any means. It is extremely stressful and has a lot more to it than just grading tests and keeping the kids straight. The teacher has to plan ahead and deal with parents by making sure they are keeping track with what each and every student is doing in class. Every student is different, they seem to be on all different reading levels, I never realized that because I just assumed they should all be the same. This is a great experience that I am continuously learning and interacting with every day.

This service learning experience has been really interesting. I am very thankful that I have opened my eyes to really take this opportunity as a guide to helping choose my career. I am not sure if I will take the teaching route, but I sure do understand and appreciate what teachers do. I learned a lot more than I truly expected I would, I am really glad I chose to go to the elementary school.

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