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Separation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Articles of Confederation and Articles of Constitution

After the Declaration of Independence, there was a sense among Congressman that they wanted a written document creating a government justifying the existence of the United States. The delegates of the Second Continental Congress were attempting to codify arrangements that had never before put into legal terminology. As a result, in late 1777, the Articles of Confederation, creating a loose “league of friendship” between the thirteen sovereign or independent colonies, were passed by the Congress and presented to the states for ratification. The Articles created a type of government where the national government derives its powers directly from the states. The Articles was finally ratified by all the thirteen states in March 1781. Although it had its flaws, the government…

How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?

How come no one could take over the government. The Constitution was written in 1787 in Philadelphia. A Constitution tells how the government is going to work. How did the writers of the Constitution keep person or a group of people from getting too much power? A tyranny is a power held by I person or group of people. The Constitution guarded against tyranny in several ways which were federalism, separation of power, check and balances, and small and large states. The first guard against tyranny was Federalism which means the central and state government. Both government has the power to tax and laws or enforce laws. The central government can provide an army, but the state government can establish…