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Sentence Structure Essay

In constructing a sentence, the writer brings about what he has in mind. However, it is not pleasant for the part of the reader to read a sentence where the words contained don’t relate with each other. Construction involves right sentence order, right structure and clarity. Verb tenses determine if an action was taken at the past, is being taken at the present, and will be taken in the future. “At the time the celebrity went up the stage, the crowd cheers with such joy” has an inconsistent tense since the first phrase indicated a past tense. At the time the celebrity went up the stage, the crowd cheered with such joy” has a correct construction.

“They must reflect actual changes in time. ” (Aaron, 2007, p. 209) A mood is a form of verb that tells whether the speaker is stating a fact or asking a question (indicative), making a request/command (imperative), or expressing a supposition/suggestion or condition that is contrary to a fact (subjunctive). Shifts in mood, usually in imperative form, don’t make any consistency. “Open the seal completely, and shake it well before using” gives a complete instruction to be done.

The voice of the verb determines the activity of the subject. In the active voice, the subject is the doer; while in passive voice, it receives the action done by another object. “Water gives food for the plants; refreshment for people is given by water” is inconsistent. “Water gives food for the plants and refreshment for people” is correct since they are both in active voice. Verb tenses, mood and voice must be consistent in their form throughout the whole sentence to avoid confusion and provide clarity.

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