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Self-Reflection Paper Essay

The verbal and non-verbal speaking anxiety signs I noticed in myself was that I kept fidgeting, and touching my hair or face. I felt the rate of my speaking was too fast and I was stuttering. I did not move around at all and my feet were crossed the whole time of my speech. During my presentation I need to multi-task by speaking about my topic as I am presenting whatever subject. Do not overthink any speech or presentation or try to impress my audience.

The specific areas I intend to work on from this class is to be confident in myself and better my speaking abilities. Try my best not to overthink the presentation and get my point across as clearly as possible. Be more effective in my communication skills, deliver the message succinctly, body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and be incongruent. I would like to be more enthusiastic during my speeches. I want to learn how to speak at my audience’s level and be more connected. Take in everything I am learning and keep practicing.

After this course is complete I would like to accomplish my communication skills, body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and presentation skills. I need to be clear in my own head about what message I want to communicate. I would also like my sounds to convey understanding to whatever I am about to speak about. I would like to get up in the front of class at any given time and give a perfect impromptu speech or any presentation without a flinch. I understand our bodies entail many different messages, but I want all of my body’s movements to captivate my audience’s attention and I want them to be interested because of how great of communicator I will be.

My plan to improve my weak areas is to listen to my instructor and peers feedback and take that in and put it into a positive and learn from it. I would accomplish my goals by reading the chapters and following the guidelines step by step. Keep practicing because they say practice makes perfect every time.

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