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Self-Portrait Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Frida Kahlo’s “Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair”

Frida Kahlo, in her self portrait paintings, often illustrates herself wearing a Mexican woman’s traditional dress with a flowing hair which somehow introduces a part of Mexican’s feminine identity. Her self portraits are also known for the incorporation of “pre-Columbian jewelry, thereby demonstrating her credentials as a member of Mexico’s indigenous community and her femininity in eccentric fashion” (Stremmel and Grosenick 60). However, her Self Portrait with Cropped Hair stands out among her self-portraits since she painted herself with masculine physical features that oppose her usual visual attributes of femininity. In the portrait, it is very apparent how Kahlo “rejects the traditional feminine image by laying aside the insignia of her beauty and sensuality” (Stremmel and Grosenick 60). She completely…