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Self introduction speech Essay

Some of you might think I brought in these boxing gloves because I am a boxer or inspire to be a professional fighter someday, but in all honesty its none of these things. When I take a look at these gloves I see my past, present and future.

How these boxing gloves represent my past is the way I grew up as a kid. As I was younger I was always moving locations, didn’t have many friends and was not the biggest kid in school, so for some reason I would get bullied or trouble would just find its way. I was determined to find a way to defend my self. Looking at these gloves reminds me of how I trained to prepare my self for these encounters and my current love for MMA and boxing.

Next is my present, when I look at my life and all that I have accomplished up until this moment it didn’t come without a fight. I know a lot of people can relate because nothing comes easy in life. I have fought my way through many obstacles up until this point physically, mentally and emotionally. My main objective now is to be able to provide for my wife and son, juggling being a full-time worker and part-time student while trying to balance being a husband and father can be a challenge in itself.

Finally is my future, I cant visualize what the future has in store form me but I do know I can prepare myself what what lays ahead, these boxing gloves symbolize to me that I am fighting for much more then my self and that gives me the will to keep on pushing forward to never give up, to make my son proud of his father and what I have accomplished.

One thing I have learned in my lifetime is its not how hard you can hit; its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. I am a simple man with regular goals and ambitions just like most, but thanks to my past and present I am prepared for my future.

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