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Self Introduction Essay

Hi! name is Cahya Himawan and today I’m 18 years old. I was born in Mataram on Monday, 12 February 1996, and all of my family members are Javanese. About my interest, I loves everything new, specially about technology, so when someone ask me about my hobby, I just say “I like to do anything new” but surely not kind of weird stuff. And now, I’m a college student in Biology department on Universitas Mataram.

My Family

I lived with my family since I was born until now. There are four people on my home, my beloved father, his name is Agus Kristiawan he’s from Bandung and born in military family and he is working at Polisi Pamong-Praja Mataram. My Beloved mother, and her name is Erijati, she is a housewife. My brother, his name is Krisna Jati Kusuma, now he’s in college on management department at Universitas Mataram and on his fifth semester now. I really love them more than anything, even my precious phone collection (I’m a collector), people who has been live around me since I was born, giving the best love they can, educate me, until now. Truly great because gusti allah always keep them healthy and blessed.


Surely like every kids, my education begins in Kindergarten on TK Pertiwi Mataram, im not quiet sure when, but I was graduated around 2002. And then I went to Elementary School on SD Negeri 6 Mataram, from 2002 to 2008 (six years). After that, I went to SMP Negeri 15 Mataram, from 2008 to 2011 (three years). Last but not least, my next destination is senior high school, on SMA Negeri 6 Mataram, I was active in some extracurricular organization such as Paskibra, OSIS, Remaja Musholla, and those organization taught me so much about organizing my time, experience, and dealing with problems. After I finished my education on SMA Negeri 6 Mataram, actually I want to bring my life as a mariner for Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL), I don’t know why, but being a mariner is something came from deep inside of me. But, what really happen is, that’s not what gusti allah wants from me, so now, I’m here in Universitas Mataram on Biology Education Department.

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