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Self-Esteem Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Self-Esteem and Group Identity/Conformity

According to Elliot Aronson in his book The Social Animal we are in a constant tension between our values of individuality and conformity. We want to fit in with the group without losing our unique qualities. However, at one point or another we all conform whether it be changing our answer from line B to line A in Solomon Asch’s experiment or changing our positions in an argument in order to be more liked by the group. All of this relates to self-esteem in some way, how we perceive our value to the world drastically affects our relationships, our performance in school or other tasks, and can make us less aggressive or jealous. Achieving higher self-esteem is easier said than…

Self Esteem

People who base their own self-worth on what others think and not on their value as human beings might pay a mental and physical price, according to research by Jennifer Crocker, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. Crocker, who has worked on a series of self-esteem studies, found in her latest research that college students who based their self-worth on external sources–including appearance, approval from others and even their academic performance–reported more stress, anger, academic problems, relationship conflicts, and had higher levels of drug and alcohol use and symptoms of eating disorders. For the study, Crocker surveyed more than 600 college freshmen three times during the year–before they left for college and at the…

Grades and Self-Esteem by Mandy Moore

Randy Moore has, in his article, discussed how grades have been compromised over building and nurturing the self-esteem of the students in most of the educational institutions in U. S. A. He is of the view that the primary focus of the educational institutions has shifted away from education to building self-esteem which has led to the creation of students and professionals who lack the basic knowledge about their subjects and are unable to think critically. The article states that this is the result of making high self-esteem a precondition for success. This is seen by Randy Moore the main cause of the poor products produced by the current educational institutions in the country. According to Randy Moore, this culture…