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Self Assessment Essay

Overall, I feel that I have not done up to my expectations over the course of the two presentations. Comparatively, these are the areas that have improved/worsened: Engagement with Audience I feel that I had improved marginally by not referring to my phone (which happens to be my script) as often, but however, I was still distracted by the phone as well as the power point slides. Half of the time, I was busy referring to my script as well as the power point slides, causing me to lose engagement with the audience. This is one of the biggest problems that I have to overcome through this course. More often than not, I tend to forget the content that I wish to express, which results in the constant reference to the script and slides. Furthermore, when I was looking at the audience, I tend to look forward instead of looking at every single one of them. I believe I can overcome this problem by rehearsing with friends; with an audience of at least two people so that I can familiarize myself with looking at the crowd more often, instead of just simply looking forward. Preparation of


In the course of preparation, I adopted the use of presentation slides, which I feel were quite meaningful in illustrating what I was trying to express. This helps to capture the audience’s attention and gives a clear picture of the topic that I was presenting. However, while preparing the script, I employed the use of several bombastic words that impeded my presentation in terms of expressing fluently. I feel very restricted to the script; I find myself having the obligation to follow exactly what the script says. This is very detrimental to my presentation and as a result, I kept referring to my script while doing the presentation whenever I forget a specific sentence. I feel that I should prepare a script in point form, rather than in specific structured sentences. This way, I will be less restricted by the script which is supposed to aid me, not the other way round. Articulation and Fluency

In my opinion, I feel that I can pronounce and articulate words rather well, which is one of my stronger areas. However, there is a tendency that I will stutter, most likely due to nervousness as well as the obligation to express specific sentences which I described above. There is much to improve and I
believe that more practice will be able to correct my tendency to stutter. Nervousness

Overall, I was more nervous during OA1 compared to the practice presentation. It was reflected in the way I was referring to my slides and script, as well as stuttering. I feel that I was too reliant on my script, which caused me even more nervousness once I happen to let slip on my memory. Ample practices will definitely aid me in managing my nervousness. Furthermore, after these two presentations, I feel that I had gained experience which will definitely aid in my future presentations.

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