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Security and access requirements Essay

All schools need to ensure that they take measures to protect all adults and pupils while they are on school premises. This means that there will be procedures in place for a number of situations that may arise, including the following .There should be enough first aiders in the school at any time to deal with accidents. First aid boxes should be regularly checked and replenished. This includes making sure that all those who are in school have been signed in and identified. Schools may have different methods for doing this, for example visitors may be issued with badges. If staff notice any unidentified people in the school, they should challenge them immediately. If you are on playground duty and notice anything suspicious, you should also send for help.

Schools may also have secure entry and exit points, which may make it more difficult for individuals to enter the premises. There should be clear procedures in place so that everyone on the premises knows what to do in case of fire. These do sometimes occur and schools should have procedures in place to deal with them. Pupils should develop routines and good practice for general personal hygiene and understand its importance. Health and safety should be a regular topic at staff meetings and during assemblies, so that everyone’s attention is drawn to the fact that it is a shared responsibility. Anything that may be harmful should be stored out of pupils’ reach or locked in a cupboard, for example, cleaning materials or medicines. COSHH legislation gives a step-by-step list of precautions that need to be taken to prevent any risk or injury.

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