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Secretary Speech Essay

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Conor and I have been a student at Hull for a year as a fresher and I am running for club secretary.

Since being at university, I have loved every minute of my time, especially my time at the swimming club, and i believe, that i have a duty of being involved in the club at a higher level in order to help the club grow for the future, and also in order to give back to a sports team which has given me so much.

Some of you may not realise how important a club secretary is, due to the fact it encompasses so many roles. A secretary has to act as a main point of contact for the club, undertake the task of administration and communications, including competition events, affiliations, memberships, bookings and mailings. As secretary, I know that I would have the duty of dealing with the day to day running of the club (both internally and externally)

Now this is obviously a substantial task and you may ask how I would be able to perform all these tasks? I will tell you.

I believe that I’m a very organised person, who can be depended and relied upon, and this can be seen in the level of effort I put into my assignments, which are always on time. At university I work hard in everything I do and remain dedicated in my activities, as well as my course, business which helps with some of the demands of being secretary due to the fact administration is a key element in both business and being swimming secretary. I am a good listener who is open to advice, I am interested in what everybody has to say at the swimming team, and I am willing to help every single one of you if you need it. I get along well with others as a result of being friendly and open.

Being a secretary isn’t all bright and breezy, being a secretary also involves the role of leadership.

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