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Second Hand Bags and Shoes Essay

We are one of the largest sellers of second-hand shoes in Germany, are within the top ten in Europe and a major world player.We sell second-hand shoes worldwide.We have sold shoes for many years, the present owners being the second generation to continue the business, and sell second-hand shoes of different kinds to satisfy the needs of the market.

Working closely with charities, local authorities and waste reclamation companies Boex has challenged old ideas and practices and developed new systems in the fields of collection, sorting, marketing and distribution.The state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is ideally positioned in Frankfurt/Main within a 20-minute drive of the Frankfurt/Main International Airport.Boex are genuinely committed to contributing to your charitable goals and providing you with the exceptional shoe collection service you deserve.

Our mission: to supply consistently graded used shoes that enhance people‚Äôs lives and improve their self-esteem.| Description of franchise systemWhat all girls wantShoes Glorious Shoes is the shoe party business featured in glossy fashion magazines like the famous Vogue. We offer shoes, handbags, and boots from Italy and Spain in a relaxed and glamorous party atmosphere. Our shoe parties are the perfect event for a ladies’ night at home , for a fund raising event, for a company party, or for a fashion show.Shoes Glorious Shoes brings a whole shoe boutique to our customers’ homes, offering an unrivalled shopping experience.

The ladies simply lean back with their girlfriends in the comfort of their sofa, having a glass of wine or champagne, and enjoy the unique customer service of Shoes Glorious Shoes. Everything we offer can be taken home on the night.Payment is accepted by credit or debit cards, checks and of course cash. Shoes Glorious Shoes parties are available during daytime or in the evening . Women with a love for fashion have already recognized that most High Street shoes look all the same. Shoes Glorious Shoes offers fresh designs, which are offered nowhere else.Everything we sell is of premium quality without costing the earth.

The enormous success of Shoes Glorious Shoes demonstrates the huge demand for our glamorous shoe parties.Franchise conceptTo all shoe-lovers out there…Shoes Glorious Shoes is a flexible franchise opportunity, which is operated from home, thus requiring only low overheads. It’s up to you to fit your business schedule around your personal lifestyle and to decide whether you want to run it full or part-time.The earning potential of a Shoes Glorious Shoes franchise is unlimited.

We put our collection together from trade fairs in Madrid, Milan, and Paris to guarantee that we offer only exclusive products which can’t be found on the High Street. Our combined buying power ensures that we receive maximum discounts and the best rates.We regularly add new items to our collection to attract existing customers for repeated buys. We offer two different franchise packages, depending on your business goals. If you want to run a fulltime business, we recommend you to choose our Gold Level Franchise. The Silver Level Franchise suites best women who want to run a part-time opportunity.As a Gold Level franchisee, you’ll receive a protected geographical area as your franchise territory.

Silver Level franchisees operate in one single town.Franchise partner profileStart working the glamorous way!Shoes Glorious Shoes is – and this shouldn’t come as a surprise – the ideal franchise opportunity for shoe-manic women. If you are an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for great shoes, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.To run a successful Shoes Glorious Shoes franchise, you need to be communicative, open, friendly, and totally convinced of your business. If you are interested in joining the successful Shoes Glorious Shoes female franchise network and start a business that’s all about girl’s true best friends, get in touch with us!

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