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A Way of Life for Searching People

The book Practicing Our Faith: a Way of Life for a Searching People is about addressing the need for sharing the fundamental needs of man to establish faithful and honorable Christian way of life. It explores twelve central Christian practices contributed together by thirteen individuals coming from diverse denominational and ethnic backgrounds. Specifically this book provides significance to every Christian practice even honoring the old tradition of honoring the body, forgiveness, hospitality, testimony, discernment and honoring the Sabbath by putting emphasis on its historical and biblical context and reexamining its relevance to our present and everyday lives. But though it may seem that representing old belief may sound too idealistic and obsolete, accordingly adopting this practice can also free us…

Change Detection

Yes, it was harder for me to detect a change in the picture when it flickered because it was harder for me to maintain focus on the change I was supposed to be looking for. My data does support my evaluation since the proportion correct with the flicker was 63% and the no flicker the proportion correct was 100%. The flicker condition is the appearance of a blank gray box or a mask in between pictures presented. The blank image swamps the local-motion signal that would typically be caused by a change but our attention is not affected by it, the mask prevents automatic detection of change. Change is detected by slower, higher-level process by searching the scene thoroughly until…