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Scope and delimitation Essay

The study will be conducted to determine the status of cash flow management of Barangay Caranglaan, Dagupan City as perceived to their information of barangay operation, for the year 2013. The facts looked onto the inflow and outflow activities of the cash budget were provided by the Government; the strategies for allocation; and the policies and supervision in their operation.

As cash flow management broad field encompassing activities and operation as planning, budgeting expenditure and cash management. The study delimited into two activities: 1.Cash inflow. Cash inflow activities are delimited on the cash budget received from the government and the generated income of the barangay. 2.Cash outflow. Cash outflow are delimited on the appropriation and allotment of cash inflow of the barangay in accordance with the Local Government Code of 1991.

Definition of Terms
To have a better understanding of what this research work is all about, some of the following terminologies are defined:
Cash Inflow is in terms of revenue generation refers to their share of the national budget, their revenue derived from collection of real property tax, business tax and other local taxes, and fees and charges imposed.

Cash outflow is in terms of disbursement, refers to their payments of obligations and appropriations for the purchase of goods and services for the conduct of normal operations and which add to the assets of the barangay.

Cash Flow Management of Barangay Caranglaan, Dagupan City
Problems encountered in Cash Flow management in Barangay Caranglaan, Dagupan City are events or circumstances regarded as unnecessary and needing to be dealt with and overcome by Barangay Caranglaan regarding to the management of their funds.

Proposed Measures to Improve the Cash Flow Management in Barangay Caranglaan, Dagupan City are the courses of action to be taken to progress
the cash flow management of the said barangay

Essay Topics:

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