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Scientific Method: Worksheet Essay

1. Describe how you would use this method in researching human behavior and what topics you might study. I would use surveys to research human behavior. I would study why humans commit so much crime. I would examine the reasoning behind why people think it is okay to commit crime. I do not understand why people think violence is okay. I would conduct multiple surveys and pile the answers together for my research, then go through all the results to find the answers I will use for my research. Another topic I might consider studying “Is why there are so many jobless people these days”. I know jobs are hard to come by, but I think a lot of people that do not work are just too lazy to work.

2. Explain why you chose this method and where it fits in using the scientific method. I choose to use the survey method for my research because I like to have different answers for the same questions. I like to get answers from people from different races, organs, religions, and ages. Using surveys fits into the scientific method because it is a way of thinking. The scientific method is a way of analyzing information through collecting information. If I conduct a bunch of surveys, then test them on people I will get different answers from different people. If I was targeting one group of people for my surveys I would only test my surveys on a specific age group or sex.

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