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Scientific Method and Question Essay

The collared lizard is a species found in the Desert Southwest. Male collared lizards show considerable color variation, ranging from brightly colored to a very dull pattern. The goal is to determine the function, if any, of male color patterns in collared lizards, using the scientific method. The tentative explanation is that male color plays a role in attracting females for mating purposes. The prediction is that females will preferentially choose brightly colored males over dull-colored ones.

To test this prediction, the student observed the interactions of female collared lizards with their male counterparts and males that were the same age and size, and that differed only in their coloration pattern. The student placed equal numbers of the two types of male lizards, bright and dull, in aquariums, along with one female lizard per aquarium. Out of 350 aquariums observed, the female chose to mate with the brightly colored male 277 times, and the dull-colored male 70 times.

In three instances, the females did not mate with either type. Create a bar graph of the data, plotting the type of male (dull or brightly colored) on the x-axis. On the y-axis, plot the frequency with which each type of male was chosen by females. Using this graph, answer the following question(s). Identify the experimental group of this case study. Question 18 of 20 Identify the experimental group of this case study. Brightly colored female lizards Brightly colored male lizards

Dull-colored female lizards Dull-colored male lizards Question 19 of 20 Which of the following is the hypothesis of this case study? Male lizards are brightly colored. Male collared lizards exhibit color variation. Dull males are less likely to be eaten by predators. A function of male coloration is to attract females. Question 20 of 20 “Male collared lizards show considerable color variation. ” This is a(n) ______. hypothesis conclusion observation opinion

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