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Scientific method Essay

1. Defining the Issue(s)- The Major Question: – Jackson’s buyers didn’t want to be in an overstocked positions – They want to be in a position to reorder the merchandise if it began to sell well – Vendor could not accept the order because it was below the minimum level – Jackson could not return the dated products – They have been working together for more than 20 years 2. Analyzing case data (if applicable): n/a 3. Generating Alternatives: ?Alternative Solution 1: Ask the senior buying to negotiation with them.

Advantages Disadvantages – Senior buyer had been working with them for 20 years, the vendor probably will change their mind or find a better solution that will benefit vendors and Jackson – Jackon doesn’t have to find a new vendor – Buyer and vendor relationship is maintained – Doesn’t have to find another vendor – Save time – The quality of the products is known – If the negotiation doesn’t work, the relationship between senior buyer and the vendors might be in trouble – Senior buyer might lose his reputation 1.

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