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Scientific method Essay

1. Epistemology: The theory of knowledge in sociology it is used to refer to the procedures by which sociological knowledge is acquired. The theory of knowledge especially with regard to its methods validity and scope and the dis? nc? on between jus?? ed belief and opinion. 2. How sociologists conduct their study Interpre? vist Posi? vist Sociologists need to use di%erent ways of ?nding out about the world Seeks to apply the same methods that are used by the natural sciences : RESEARCH.

BASED ON LOGIC AND METHOD The study of the ways in which people understand and interpret the world in which they live Use theory to generate hypotheses Interpre? vists wish to understand human behaviour by reconstruc? ng the meanings that people have associated with social situa? ons in which they have found themselves and with their own ac? ons Posi? vists seek to explain human behaviour by reference to social forces ac? ng upon people Interpre?

Vist Approaches Posi? vist Approaches important to think about di%erences in suicidal behaviour between di%erent groups of men He wanted to demonstrate how even this most individual of acts is shaped by social forces the need to research suicide sociologically, and that we need to collect qualita? ve as well as quan? ta? ve data on this topic. Posi? vism: Can deal only with observable things and that phenomena in any form have to be studied in a scien?? c manner. It does not take in account of the individual’s interpreta? on of the situa? on.

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