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Scientific Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Scientific breakthroughs

Scientific breakthroughs are achieved either by chance or by a thorough scientific research where people discover or come up with new information about the world they are living in. These research projects are designed according to a standard that provides qualitative and quantitative data through experimentation and analysis. Part of the standard in a scientific research/investigation is the questioning, followed by a potential guess or answer, before an “if, then” statement. This process or standard is referred to as the “Scientific Method. ” One of the most important elements in the process of scientific method is the formation of hypothesis. Hypothesis is defined as a scholarly guess considered to be the potential answer to the question identified at hand. In…

Critique of an article using the Scientific Method

The paper Politics and Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean is a research paper authored by Evelyne Huber, Francois Nielsen, Jenny Pribble, and John D. Stephens. This paper is a time series analysis of the impact that politics and policy bring about on inequality in the scope of Latin America and the Caribbean. This research is based on various models consisting of sociological and economic variables, plus the strength of the democratic tradition, as well as the distribution of long-term legislative partisan political power and the social spending to explain inequality variations. As a study that aims to analyze social factors and its effect on the inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean, this research was able to conform…

Scientific Management in Retrospect

Injanuary 1912, Frederick W. Taylor, the center of a highly publicized controversy over the effects of “scientific manage­ ment, ” testified before a House of Representatives committee investigating his handiwork. His first objective, he explained, was to “sweep away a good deal of rubbish.” Scientific management was “not any efficiency device. . . . It is not a new system of figuring costs; it is not a new system of paying men . . . it is not holding a stop watch on a man . . . it is not time study; it is not motion study. . . . ” I n fact, it was “not any of the devices which the average man calls to mind when…