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Sciences – Humanities Essay

It is socially accepted that Science is more important than Humanities, since Science has a world of different fields of study in which appear some famous names like Einstein, among others. Also, it has better paid jobs than Humanities fields and, in most cases; this is quite a situation for some people when they have to choose a career. For this reasons, Humanities have been underestimated. This is a very important matter as people don’t pay attention to it; a debate arises, requiring an analysis: Science and Humanities go hand in hand.

Science and its aims are related to chasing goals and look for research based on facts and data being challenged by discovery, which has certain beauty indeed, for the people who is really into it.

However, when science heads gets stubborn on their work, they obviously need an escape, because an excessive dedication may lead them to madness. Thus, Humanities gives the necessary weapons to scientists related to human feelings, emotions, and relationships, which become useful to create an important and interesting balance, like Aristotle did for instance. Nevertheless, there is also a chance to choose Humanities programs which aren’t less important as they require a huge commitment, in the case of human experiences and their meanings, as in pedagogy.

Science and Humanities share the delight of creation and beauty, and I don’t think that one is more important than another. Moreover, I chose to study pedagogy because I think it’s a way I can develop all my skills to help people, and Humanism is helping me do it, despite the fact that I can earn more or less money.

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