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Science and Technology Essay

These days, science and technology is essential to live and it is something without which we can’t imagine to have a comfortable life. The workplace is full of machines based on science and technology. While working, people use machine almost for each tasks. Opinions as to whether this is a fine trend to have more machines is good or bad are mixed. Both the viewpoints would be analyzed before making any opinion.

The people at workplace are surrounded by machines. For every single task, a machine is available. For example, calculator is used to do calculations, computer is required to do many activities like documentation, recording, editing, internet surfing, emailing. Printer is used to take print outs. Scanner is used to scan the documents and get soft copy from the available hard copy. Photocopier is used to make a photocopy. Fax machine is used to send any document copy to a recipient who is far away. All these machines are accurate, efficient, and fast and above all these machines do never get tired. So, these machines are making our lives easy and comfortable.

On the other hand, many people argue that these machines are responsible to make people lazy and dependent. In olden days, people were not dependent on the machines and they were healthier than the present generation. Now, people are not close to nature. They are in their own sophisticated zone. And also, they are not ready with an alternative if these machines stop working. It is often said that people are not working towards improving logical ability due to these machine.

In conclusion, I believe that machines are essential element of our lives and their positives outweigh their negatives. At the same time we should not be lazy and we should always try to improve our logical abilities.

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