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School terminology Essay Topics & Paper Examples

School As Organizations

1. Primary schools: Primary Schools are for children aged 4 to 11 years. The subjects to be taught at primary schools are specified by the National Curriculum, the pupils tested on SAT’s at year 2(age 7) which is known KS1 and year 6(age 11) which is known as KS2. The subjects to be taught are English, Mathematics and Science. Other subjects, including History, Geography, Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education (PE) are also taught. The first class in primary school is called the Reception class which is known as Foundation Stage (F2). 2. Secondary Schools: Secondary Schools are for children aged 11 to 16. State secondary schools must follow the National Curriculum and they assessed the children at Key Stage…

Schools as organisations

1. 1 There are several different types of schools, some are independent and some are state. Here I will try to identify them. Community schools are state run and can be either primary schools covering key stage 1 and 2 or secondary schools covering stage 3. Academies although state funded have their own governing body. These schools can be either primary covering stages 1 and 2 or secondary covering stage 3. Grammar schools are state run and are secondary schools covering key stage 3. Special schools are state run and are secondary schools covering key stage 3. Boarding schools are independent schools which run all the way from age 5 to 18 covering key stages 1 2 and 3. Preparatory…

College vs. High School

High-quality education is a significant part of everyday life. To accomplish that education, most people went through a transition from high school to college, two major milestones in most people’s lives. There are many differences between these two institutions. Some students may adapt and transit from the life of high school to the life of college without much difficulty, while others may take years to grasp the differences and cope with it. High school and colleges are both made to educate, but with differences in terms of classes, responsibility, and social life. One of the main differences between college and high school is the classes in general. In high school students attend class for six hours every day for five…