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School discipline Essay

You read an article in a local newspaper some days ago titled Discipline at school should be stricter. Write your own article discussing it: you may or may not support the statement or you may support it partially. You will need your own heading.


Nowadays, waves of violence and riots have been spread around youth and children. Teachers are thought to be guilty of this due to a lack of discipline in the schools, so should be stricter discipline at schools? This is an argument too important that governments, teachers and families have been discussing along years. Professors say they cannot be stricter because of the parents, who do not allow that their children being punished, shouted…

In the past, school rules were very different, teachers could scream, penalize even hit students. As a result, children were more polite. Currently, educators do not demand to strike pupils but they want to have the right to punish them without consent of parents. However, families encouraged an education based on the dialogue, but given by teachers. Each day parents work more hours, spending less time with their children and abandoning boys’ and girls´ education.

Although teacher are very important in students ‘education. In my view, this should be given by parents, because they are the first responsible of their children. In conclusion, I believe that parents and professors should join in the same group struggling for improving children education. They need to recover the sense of discipline lost in last thirty years. This is a point very important in the childhood but to get it they need more effort. Silvia Alonso Aldaz.

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