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School counselor Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Article Review

The article, School Counseling Outcome: A Meta-Analytic Explanation of Interventions, written by Whiston, S., Tai, W., Rahardja, D., and Eder, K. is research done to show if certain interventions and techniques used by school counselors are effective. The article discussed two types of studies, one with controlled comparisons and another involving pre and posttest differences. The article began with the history of counseling and the model counselors are using. Campbell and Dahir’s (as cited in Whiston, Tai, Rahardja, & Eder, 2011), “specified that school counselors should coordinate a program that facilitates academic, career, and personal social development”. Many schools and counselors have been following Gysber’s and Henderson’s model which has four program components supported by the American School Counselor Association…