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School As Organizations Essay

1. Primary schools: Primary Schools are for children aged 4 to 11 years. The subjects to be taught at primary schools are specified by the National Curriculum, the pupils tested on SAT’s at year 2(age 7) which is known KS1 and year 6(age 11) which is known as KS2. The subjects to be taught are English, Mathematics and Science. Other subjects, including History, Geography, Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education (PE) are also taught. The first class in primary school is called the Reception class which is known as Foundation Stage (F2). 2.

Secondary Schools: Secondary Schools are for children aged 11 to 16. State secondary schools must follow the National Curriculum and they assessed the children at Key Stage 3 (age 14) and Key Stage 4 (age 16) which is known as (GCSE). 3. Private (Independent Schools): which is also known as Public Schools, they don’t have to follow the national curriculum. They need to pay the school fees as there is no funded from the government. All private schools must be registered with the government and are inspected regularly. There is a private school which is specialist in teaching (special education needs).

4. Community Schools: is a type of state-funded school in which the local education authority (LEA) employs the school’s staff. The LEA employs the staffs, own the land and buildings as well as put the rules for admission. 5. Trust or Foundation Schools: Foundation schools are run by a governing body which employs the staff and sets the entrance criteria. Land and buildings are owned either by the governing body or by a charitable foundation. Trust schools are similar, but are run together with an outside body, usually a business or charity, which has formed an educational trust. 1.

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