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School and boredom Essay

I am writing to you in response to your article on school and boredom. Just to say, I liked the way you made use of the quote from twelfth night in paragraph two. You give an interesting play on words. I agree with this because some teachers are naturally boring, while others, due to the National Curriculum have become boring or just have to be boring. Firstly you talk about Christine Gilbert’s crackdown on boring teachers. At this point, I agree with your point. Although I understand that Christine Gilbert wants teachers to make lessons more fun and interesting, however, I also believe that boring teachers can teach school pupils just as well or maybe even better than what is referred to as a fun teacher.

On the other hand, you also imply that you think school has to be boring; that pupils need to be bored due to the fact that they might find themselves in boring jobs in the future. Secondly, you state in paragraph two “school is mostly boring and the lessons are the most boring bit”. As a school pupil myself I must say I have to disagree with this statement. I attend St. Martin in the Field High School for Girls, An all-girl school (you should be able to tell by the name),

secondly, he says “School is mostly boring and the lessons are the most boring bit.” David Mitchell seems to have attempted to use some repetition here to gain interest of the reader, but it hasn’t convinced me. In my opinion my lessons are very interesting and enjoyable. Teachers use technology and computers to make lessons and learning more fun. Does he really think that all subjects are boring?

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