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Scenario Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Why Do People Work

Mr Harris liked trains. He was afraid of aeroplanes, and didn’t like buses. But trains ,they were big and noisy and exciting. When he was a boy of ten, he liked trains. Now he was a man of fifty, and he still liked trains. So he was a happy man on the night of the 14th of September. He was on the night train from Helsinki to Oulu in Finland, and he had ten hours in front of him. ‘I’ve got a book and my newspaper,’ he thought. ‘And there’s a good restaurant on the train. And then I’ve got two weeks’ holiday with my Finnish friends in Oulu.’ There weren’t many people on the train, and nobody came into…


Scenario 01: Your Company’s policy on reimbursement for meals while traveling on business is that you will be repaid for your out-of-pocket costs, not to exceed $80 per day. You don’t need receipts for these expenses – the company will take your word. When traveling, you tend to eat at fast food places and rarely spend in excess of $20 a day. Most of your colleagues put in reimbursement requests in the range of $55 – $60 per day, regardless of what their actual expenses are. How much would you request for your meal reimbursement? Decision: I* would request of $ 20 for the meal reimbursement. I will use “utilitarianism view” in making this choice. I will emphasize on efficient…

Big Drive Auto Scenario

It is the dream of every organization to enter a new market and in the process realize its dreams. However, this dream becomes very difficult to achieve due to a number of factors among them entry barriers put in place by those companies that are already operating in those countries. According to Arthur, S. & Sheffrin, M. , (2003), some common non-pricing barriers likely to affect a firm wishing to enter a new market are high advertising costs, government policies, customer loyalty, and cost advantage independent of scale and distributor agreements. It would therefore be recommendable for such a firm to enter into negotiations with the government of the country where it wants to venture and the other firms that…