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Scandal Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Madof’s Scandal

In the first two weeks of December 2008, the stressed that 70-year old businessman, Bernard Madoff is suffering becomes apparent to his employees, most particularly to his two sons. It concerns a $7 billion redemption request that Madoff had been ‘struggling to obtain the liquidity necessary to meet his obligation’. This made them approach him directly what the problem is all about. The answer is unexpected. Prior to this incident, Madoff is well known throughout the world of economics and investment as a genius and a trustworthy owner of Madoff Investment Securities LLC. The firm is generally a broker-dealer and investment advisor concerned with the management of investors’ assets, giving advice to investment management and is associated with some nonprofit…

The Martha Stewart scandal

The Martha Stewart scandal will definitely go in the business history books for years to come. Her reaction to the information she received was her first mistake. Lying to investigators twice was her second mistake. This case study will focus on whether or not she handled the indictment responsibly. I do feel that Ms. Stewart handled the indictment responsibly. The way she handled the matter in court and in public says a lot about her. The next several pages will discuss how Ms. Stewart handled the situation responsibly. The first thing Ms. Stewart did to handle the indictment responsibly was she never admitted nor denied the guilt. Ms. Stewart truly did feel that she did nothing wrong. In a statement…

Scandal and controversy

Scandal and controversy are a true recipe for commercial success. And with the format of the Big Brother being such that everyone in the world can see what a person does in private, the people get naturally interested. The commercial success of any program depends on the number of users it gets and the public debate it generates (read: media coverage)-more so for a reality TV program like Endemol’s Big Brother. Since its inception in Netherlands, the show has spread into many other countries, which has introduced the cultural element to it. How different people react when two different people with different backgrounds, ideas, perspectives and interests are forced to live together under one roof for a considerable period of…