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Satan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Evolution of Satan

From what we have been taught, either at church or in school, we have been inculcated with the doctrine that there are good and evil forces at work in the affairs and workings of the world we live in. We believe that God is working out the good, and Satan is conducting the evil in the world. The Scriptural account in the Book of Genesis of Satan concerns his successful attempt at making Adam and Eve eat the fruit that was forbidden them by God Himself to eat (Zeeshan Hasan, 2003). The word that gave Satan his name came from the Greek term diabolos, describing or connoting that an individual practised slander (Encarta, 2008). The Latin language then adopted the…

Book One of John Milton’s Paradise Lost: Satan as Hero

In literature and other forms of art, the character of Satan had always been depicted as nothing more than an evil entity. He was usually represented as the Devil, the creature capable of the ultimate form of wickedness. He was known to be against the Supreme Good, for he was the angel who initiated a rebellion against God. In various stories and movies, Satan had always been depicted as this static character. However, the depiction of Satan in Book One of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” was truly an exception to the stereotype. In the first part of his epic, Milton showed the readers that Satan had positive traits, though he used it in a negative way. Contrary to the usual…

Double Entry Journals for the Crucible

Analysis “We cannot flinch; these are new times, sir. There is a misty plot afoot so subtle we should be criminal to cling to old respects and ancient friendships. I have seen too many frightful proofs in court—the Devil is alive in Salem, and we dare not quail to follow wherever the accusing finger points! …in great pain: Man, remember, until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven” (1244). Mass paranoia, confusion, fear Despite being an educated man, Hale is fully embracing the witch-hunt and keeps advocating it. The people of Salem are too afraid to question the validity of the witchcraft claims because even “God thought him beautiful in Heaven” -an hour before the…