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Sappho and her Creative Work Essay

The creative work of Sappho has a very important place in the Greek poetry, because she is the most well-known female versifier of ancient times. Plato considered Sappho to be a tenth Muse. Unfortunately, we can become familiar only with unfinished verses and small parts of her work which reached our time (DuBois, 1995). Many of poetess’ love verses were about women that makes her creative work even more valuable because a woman and her sexuality played a very important role in ancient Greek art.

The main topic of Sappho’s works is love and emotions. She is considered to be the originator of women’s homosexuality as the word “lesbian” springs from the name of her motherland- island Lesbos. The relators of Sappho’s works tells about passion and love for different women, however the portrayal of physical love between females is very little and controversial (DuBois, 1995). It is not known if such verses illustrate the life experience of Sappho notwithstanding that other events of her life are showed in her poems.

Scientists also believe that the poetess organized sacred rituals for Aphrodite, however the verses which reached our time do not reflect any certain religious views. The creative work of Sappho is very valuable even today, because it has feminist tendencies. It showed female sexuality as something beautiful, free and open, making stress on very important role of a woman. According to famous philosopher Aristotle, “everybody honored the wise… and the Mytilineans honored Sappho although she was a woman” (DuBois, 1995). Wors Cited DuBois, Page. (1995). Sappho Is Burning. University of Chicago Press

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