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Sandwich Blitz Essay

Dalman and Lei are dealing with a problem regarding their technologic advancements. Dalman and Lei are dealing with pressure to adopt this new technology and implement it in a very short amount of time. With an increase in customers leaving unhappy with the service they received. Their employees are unable to properly fulfill all of the orders coming in which, in turn is reflecting negatively on the Sandwich Blitz. The errors that are being made will eventually roughen their reputation, along with the possibility of having to shut down the business.

Customers have become to expect certain customer quality product and an overall good customer experience. This is what the Sandwich Blitz based their business motto on, without it customers will no longer choose to visit the Sandwich Blitz. The other situation of concern is the amount of support that Dalman and Lei need from the managers. In any business communication plays a hug past in the success of the business, but with the success of the new e-customer order system.

Without effective communication between lower and upper management, customer service workers, and the technology team the new e-customer order system will not work and the Sandwich Blitz could very well fail. The following is the E-mail that Dalman and Lei should send to the managers regarding the urgency and to prepare them for the technology advancement: Management Team, Here at the Sandwich Blitz, Inc. we are dealing with a number of problems at our locations. We have taken a look at the feedback, and a lot of it is negative receiving.

We are fully aware of the huge amount of orders being placed and it is affecting every ones work environment. Since we live in the technology age, and have not even begun to invest into the resources that this era has to offer. We have decided that it is time to take the plunge into the technology era. After significant amount of consideration, we have decided to implement into all sandwich blitz location a new e-customer order input system. With this new technology we will then have better customer satisfaction, bring efficiency to our team and will also relieve a great deal of stress that is currently present in our locations.

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