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Same Sex Marriage Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Should Australia Legalize Gay Marriage

I think same sex marriage should be legal for the following reasons; the point that there is no fundamental difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriage, the point that other countries have allowed it and lastly, the point that the institution of marriage will not be undermined by legalizing same sex marriage. The catholic community that is protesting against same sex marriage should rethink their morals, they say that it’s sinful and should be illegal, but all the other sins of the bible aren’t illegal, such as gossip, deceitfulness, hatred and prejudice, all 100% legal. Everybody has different opinions on what is sinful and I think it is wrong that the Australian law is being shaped around religious beliefs and opinions….

John Corvino and Glenn Stanton on Same Sex Marriage

Same sex relationships have been a controversial issue now in 21st century and marriage is coming along the way. In the United States, when the issue of same sex marriage was brought up, many homosexuals are in a hurry to marry and become actual parents with legislative support but many states banned it. As a result, numerous gay activists and supporters battle in a debate for same sex marriage. John Corvino, gay activist, and Glenn Stanton, researcher and staff of Focus on the Family, have been travelling in the country and passionately fighting for the acceptance of gay marriage and parenting. In John Corvino‚Äôs Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science and Culture of Homosexuality, he presented different views from theologians,…