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Sally Soprano’s Case Essay

What, in general, did you learn about negotiation from this exercise? What surprised you? What would you do differently if you had a chance to do the exercise again? In the Sally Soprano’s Case I was Lyric Opera’s Business Manager, and I learned some curious things about this negotiation. First of alI and more important I confirmed the necessity of being well prepared to start a negotiation because when you are in the negotiation you face a lot of things that you don’t even imagine that can change the direction of the negotiation and being prepared with the most information you can have, helps you to be focused on your objectives and no to capitulate to other’s offer and desires without losing you owns. For this case I prepare much better than the case before so I was confident of my self and I determined my options very clear, so I knew my resistance point were $45000, and $28000 (alternative point) was the money I was going to pay to the soprano, but $30000 was the offer to the main role character so I knew passing of that final number will be not that good for the theater interests. Second I learned that if you start talking about the person and not immediately about the negotiation you can build some trust and that will be a little easier to have more information about your counterpart so you can actually have a better deal than before.

Third and also very important, I learned that having a BATNA is essential to negotiate with anyone, and you have to think of that before the negotiation start, because when you are in the negotiation you can easily lose the objective of your mind and having a BATNA helps to stay focused. Other thing that I hadn´t consider properly was the amount or kind of information that the other person had, so it was a great and very pleasant surprise when I was negotiating with Sally’s agent, and he came out with the notice that the local TV will give the Theater $45000 for televising the play; this I triple asked him, I even ask in Spanish to verify If I had it right, and he swear it was true. If I had a Chance to do the exercise again I would probably give more time to think about what does the other person’s information limits are, although I think that is very difficult, but it can be made by trying to get more information of your counterpart at the beginning of the negotiation.

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