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Push and pull strategy of Motorola

Push Examples of companies are a) For example, Motorola use a push strategy to make arrangements with large mobile phone providers, such as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, who can advertise phones directly to consumers. Businesses can promote products to wholesalers and vendors through trade shows, contacting local retailers and providing attractive packaging and point of sale displays to convince consumers to buy. b) Second is Nokia, Nokia promote their products via retailers such as Carphone Warehouse. Personal selling and trade promotions are often the most effective promotional tools for companies like Nokia. For example, Nokia offering subsidies on the handsets to encourage retailers to sell higher volumes. Pros: 1. To develop this kind of positioning, all one has to do…

Case: Lancer Gallery

I. Market Situation Analysis: Lancer galleries are in a very exclusive business. Although their number of competitors has increased over the past few years, the number of competitors is relatively few. This is an advantage. Disadvantages are far more. For one, replicas and fakes are becoming a problem in the market. This poses a threat to Lancer, as many people are only purchasing artifacts for gifts and decorative items, not caring about the historic value, and would rather pay a cheaper price for practical purposes. Second, obtaining artifacts from over seas has proven harder over the past several years because of political situations and other reasons that limit supply. This makes true artifacts harder to get, therefore more expensive. Lastly,…