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Saint Juliana of Nicodemia Essay

The saint I chose for Confirmation is Saint Juliana of Nicomedia. A saint is a person who lived a moral, compassionate, and holy life who can be a role model to Catholics. You are supposed to choose a saint for Confirmation because you need someone to look up to for support. During tough times, you could ask for assistance through your journey of life. Saint Juliana lived in Nicomedia during the rule of Diocletion. This ruler was inflicted much persecution on people of different religions and had ery cruel punishments established.

Both of Juliana’s parent were pagans and betrothed her to the senator, Eleusius. Juliana denied strongly for she was a bride of Christ and always worshiped secretly away from her parents and fiance. Her love for Christ persisted and Eleusius at last found out about her secret faith. He constantly asked her to turn away from Christ and accept his proposal, for the government would get to her and kill her. Her parent pleaded but Juliana’s love for Christ persisted.

Finally the government got involved and Juliana was tortured endlessly in all sorts of cruel ways. In the end, she got beheaded. Juliana suffered Christian martyrdom and is usually represented with a devil whom she leads by a chain. I chose Saint Juliana because of her relentless mindset. She was never ashamed of her faith. Juliana was taken to her limit in all she did for Christ. She was tortured, killed, and persecuted all for her faith. I ask her to give me courage and strength when people question my faith.

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