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Sahara Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Human Interaction in the Sahara Desert

Human Interactions Over the past years the Sahara desert has changed as a result of human interactions. Such as tourism, mining for oil, military testings, nuclear bombings and pollution. Deserti? cation is one of the many negative human interactions in the Sahara Desert. Deserti? cation is caused by climatic changes, over-grazing, deforestation for fuel or materials, droughts and ploughing the land for agriculture, these all led to the soil eroding away leaving the unprotected layer drying out in the sun making it unsuitable for vegetation to grow. Some effects of deserti? ation are endangered species, poverty and starvation of the communities that live there, these all occur due to lack of vegetation and limited amounts of water. • Tribes such…

Origins Of Agriculture In African Sahara

Several decades ago, Harlan et al. (1976) suggested that Africa, outside of the Nile River Valley, might be the most useful setting for developing a fuller understanding of plant domestication and agricultural origins (Harlan et al. , 5). It seems that in Africa the earliest indigenous plant domestication occurred relatively late (ca. 2000 BC) compared to most other regions of the world (Harlan et al, 7-8). Whether this was due to a method of harvesting that was not artificially selective, such as beating versus cutting with stone or iron sickles, a lack of intentional re-sowing of harvested grains, or reliance in some cases on non-domesticable plants remains unknown, but it seems clear that wild grain collection was part of a…