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Sagan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

English Lit. Pretest

1. Which of the following is a planning technique? (Points : 5) Drafting Revising Proofreading Clustering 2. Analytical reading will be hindered by _____. (Points : 5) Annotating a text in the margins. Previewing a text by skimming. Reading only the abstract of a text. Discussing a text with a classmate. 3. Which of the following is a revising technique? (Points : 5) Editing for grammar Correcting punctuation Reordering paragraphs Checking for spelling 4. In a _____ essay, all supporting details clearly relate to the thesis. (Points : 5) Transitional Unified Stratified Simplified 5. Which statement is true for evaluating visual material? (Points : 5) Pictorial icons are fixed and absolute. In pictures, meaning is fluid and variable. Realistic pictures…