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Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people Essay

Children’s Social Care

Help children who are in need and also if a concern is raised about a child they will decide on the course of action to take. For example carry out and assessment and find out what the child’s needs are and gather all the relevant information that is needed.


They work with children’s social care to protect children from harm. They have roles and responsibilities which include making a decision on whether a crime has been committed and if it has they will start an investigation and gather evidence from the Children’s social care.

Health Professional

They will examine children whose injuries they think are non-accidental. If abuse is suspected the health professional will then alert the children’s social care.


They are the only third sector organisation who can take action when children are at risk of abuse and they also provide support to children and families and a helpline for people to call if they are worried about a child and they also raise awareness of abuse through advertising.

Wigan Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

These have particular roles and responsibilities to oversee the work of other

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