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Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparisons Essay

The movie adaptations of Romeo and Juliet are immensely different, while conveying the main plot and maintaining the important parts. The settings were in two different sceneries and clothing styles. Classic version maintained the Shakespearian setting whereas the Modern version takes place in a Beach-like scenery, one could relate it to being a California scene. Although both kept the Shakespearian dialogue, their actions while speaking it were different. For example, Mercutio’s character in both kept his witty and goofy personality, yet the classic version portrayed him as immature at times.

The modern version, on the other hand, portrayed him as a person who lives the party life. Also, their styles of fighting were majorly different. The classic version fought true to the time period which it takes place, using swords and daggers. Guns are the main weapons of the Modern version unlike the actual play. The movies did have some of the exact same scenes. Like the climax when Mercutio and Tybalt both die or Romeo’s banishment. But even some of the non-scripted scenes were similar.

Like the play never shows the wedding between Romeo and Juliet in Friar Lawrence’s cell. The party scene where Romeo and Juliet meet is as similar as the scenery allows, it’s a masquerade. The main points of the play remained in both movies, along with the Shakespearian language. The characters basically remained the same even though they are portrayed a little different with than the other movie, since the movies were directed by two different people with different perspectives on the play.

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