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Romeo and Juliet Annotated Biboliography Essay

This Shakespearean classic tells the tale of a young couple who fall deeply in love finding themselves separated from their happily ever after by their family’s century long conflict. Romeo and Juliet meet and immediately fall in love, their relationship progressing rapidly and living under fear of their family’s reactions they make panicky, over-stressed decisions and find themselves digging their grave deeper and deeper. Shakespeare’s inclusion of puns makes the play feel a bit lighter at times adding much needed humor to this tragedy while his use of metaphors makes amplifies the romance and tension of the play. Setting the play in sixteenth-century Verona, Italy added to the drama and exotic nature of the play, showing royalty, foreign laws and customs.

This play will keep the reader interested while including characters you grow to love despite their ignorance and often terrible decisions. Although the story is well written and contains a good blend of humor all readers must be warned, it is not a “light read” but instead stays completely true to its devastating genre. The levels of depth in personality applied to all characters involved gave it the romantic story line modern classics like Stephanie Myer’s Twilight dream of achieving. Although this book is a practically mandatory read, because of the crude and somewhat gore-filled nature of the play I would suggest that it not be read to children under thirteen or so.

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