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Roles of Different Agencies Involved in Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Essay

1.Social Services- There to offer support to the child and the setting. Social services have the powers to investigate any suspected improper behaviour from carers, children or the setting. They also have to meet and conduct interviews with the child and the family members involved, liaise with and get relevant information about the child and their circumstances from other agencies involved with the child, they have to take the lead during the Child Protection Conference as well as take action when a child or young person appears or is thought to be in immediate danger.

2.Child Protection Investigation Unit (CPIU)- Unit run by the police who have the powers to investigation, who have the powers to investigate, interview and arrest anyone who is suspected of abusing a child. The CPIU has to make a decision on whether a crime has been committed and if so to begin a criminal investigation. They also have to gather evidence from Social Services and other agencies thought to be involved with the child or young person’s wellbeing. The CPIU must take immediate action if a child or young person is thought to be in any immediate danger which may involve removing the child from harm or removing the perpetrator and attend any court hearing to give evidence when a crime has been commited.

3.Health Visitors- Health visitors can sometimes be the first person to see signs of abuse, especially physical. They have a duty of care to refer such information to Social Services. Health visitors must carry out a full medical examination or observations of any child or young person who is thought to be at risk of abuse or is/has suffered from abuse.

4.School Nurse- Same as Health Visitor.

5.The Police- the police have the power to investigate, interview and arrest anyone who is suspected of abusing a child. Usually they ask the CPIU to investigate directly and inform the Social Services. Police work closely with the children’s social care in order to protect children from harm.

6.NSPCC- Information can be passed anonymously to the NSPCC. The NSPCC have a duty of care to refer information to Social Services. The NSPCC is the only charity which has the power to take action when children are or are thought to be at risk of abuse. The NSPCC also provide support to families and children, provides a helpline for people to call if they are worried about a child as well as a child in distress or in danger. The NSPCC raise awareness of abuse through the advertising and training materials they have regularly available.

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