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Role of Teenager Essay

Teenagers are being defined as people between adultness and childhood.It is transfer period from childish to a matured one.This is the most difficult level in human as they will get confuse finding their own personality.Usually people at this level will get easily angry,getting depressed and has a lot of change in physical and emotion state.However,this do not wxcuse them to have their own role in every level of social group

For the teenager himself,he has to be discipline as discipline is the key to success.He also has to start to plan their future plan more specific.In the other word,he has to explain what he want to do next,how he want to achieve it and when his target to rwch his goal.With this,the teenager will become more serious in his life and start to build his courage as his inner motivation to study hard.

Every family wish to have a chikl who will bring a fame to family’s name and not even a single shame.Thinking about this,the teenager must behave in every action and words he take as it will affect on his family name.Whenever people is giving complimentary or complaint to any child,they will ask about whose child is another word,children’s behaviour is mirror to parents’ personality.

Government is trying as hard as it can to lower the school fee to make sure all people are able to get education.However,teachers’ payment are never lower as the Government wish that they can motivate the teacher to teach students more efficiently.As for this,we must not make it as light issue,but,on the other hand,study hard to pay the kindness of the Government who have gave us many oppurtunities to get success and be a good citizen.

Although they are still young,teenagers still have part to protect the country either from inner or outer.Protect the country is togetherness duty.The more teenagers realise about this,the more we can relief and the crime level may decrease and our beloved nation will be safer.

As the conclusion,be a teenager is the sweetest memory as we will experience many new things although it may get challenging.However,it will build positive personality in teenagers if they still doing their duty in the same time.

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