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Ritzer Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The sociological meaning of the McDonald’s

Considering whether the contemporary adult entertainment industry is becoming McDonaldized, Katheryn Hausbeck and Barbara Brents touch on a central irony. Even as rationalization of sex for sale expands the market by making erotica more easily available, relatively inexpensive, and safer, it “leads to greater dehumanization, less diversity of desires, and more stratification” (p. 106). This reflects Ritzer’s thesis that McDonald’s has succeeded so brilliantly because it offers consumers, workers and managers a maximum degree of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control through nonhuman technology. Together, these four dimensions constitute the basic components of a rational system, as first proposed by the German social theorist Max Weber. As with Weber’s “iron cage of rationality,” there is also a negative side to McDonaldization….